Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 27

Reader feedback

It was bound to happen

I felt compelled to respond to the editorial in the Feb. 13 edition in regard to the injured skateboarder on South Kingston Road. The incident was bound to happen sooner or later. Skateboarders travel in the roadways in Kingston frequently. The editorial said it was “…not laying blame on either the skateboarder or the driver … .” However the 911 Briefs on the same date the article states that “The skateboarder was traveling in the northbound lane after dark and was wearing dark clothing.” The article further states that “… the skateboarder was issued a traffic infraction for unlawfully being on the roadway.” Clearly the skateboarder was at fault. I live just off of South Kingston road and travel the road daily at different times of the day and night. I have experienced single and sometimes two or more skateboarders unlawfully traveling in the roadway there and on other roads in Kingston. Fortunately I’ve never hit one of them in my pickup, though I have certainly been unpleasantly surprised by them in the traffic lanes. Whether a driver is traveling north- or south-bound it is a great hazard to the driver and the skateboarders. I would say a deadly one for the skateboarders. I’ve also seen skateboarders traveling in the roadway on Barbers Cutoff road and nearly hit them. They don’t travel on the shoulders as they should; probably because the shoulders have debris that could make them crash. The whole point is skateboarders need to realize they are endangering their lives riding in the roadways and stop doing it for their own good. Also, the shoulders need to be swept as often as possible. Some seem to be doing it to challenge drivers on purpose as the two I encountered on Barbers Cutoff gave me the single digit salute as if I was the one doing something wrong.

I would also add that the traffic on both roads drive faster than the posted speed limits constantly. Recently the speeding on Barbers Cutoff Road has resulted in two roll-over vehicle accidents. The county sheriff doesn’t have the resources to consistently stop the speeding on either road so it’s incumbent on all of us using the road to report the license numbers of those vehicles speeding, tailgating or any other violation to the sheriff’s office. You should note the date, general description of the vehicle and time of day. Report the skateboarders as well. Maybe then both roads will be safer to travel for all who use it, pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Bill Davis


State legislature

HJM 4009 should be heard

House Joint Memorial 4009 is a bill that has been submitted to the Washington State Legislative Committee on State Government and Tribal Affairs. Although this bill has seven representatives sponsoring it, it has not been given a hearing. It would appear that the committee chair, Sam Hunt, and the vice chair, Sherry Appleton, want to bury this bill.

This memorial bill seeks to make a statement for change in that the federal government has overstepped its limits of power as listed in the United States Constitution. The bill quotes the 10th Amendment which states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Thus, the federal government’s powers should be limited to what is listed in the United States Constitution.

When we see that most members of the U.S. Congress do not even read many of the bills that they vote into law, we know that something needs to be done. It is clear that they have taken on more than they can do, and thus are not able to preform the tasks that they were contracted to do by the U.S. Constitution. This bill attempts to limit the federal government to what it was contracted to do, so that it can begin to do those things well.

So why would State Rep. Sam Hunt and Rep. Sherry Appleton, not only oppose this bill, but prevent it from even getting a hearing? I do not know, but a bill similar to HJM4009 was unanimously passed by committee vote on Feb. 11 in the state of Oklahoma. I believe that HJM4009 would bring to light the root of the problem with our federal government if it were given a hearing, but it seems that by not getting a hearing it may bring to light some problems in our state government.

Dan Goebel


Readers on readers

Response to Gene Bullock

Take heart, Gene Bullock. Our Democratic governor is going to get bailed out of an $8 billion deficit in her state budget.

Soon you can finance a $49,000 car, you can have your mortgage paid with a 2 percent loan.

Our president no longer says, “I will” it’s “we will.” You are in charge. I sincerely hope and know you will get the credit.

However, remember 47 percent of the American citizens voted for another man and that a handful of congressmen represent them. You control both houses and the president. As my president I wish him success.

Louise Thomas


More reader response

In response to Gene Bullock’s letter of Feb. 20.

You are correct that the American public is fed up with politicians who display arrogant elitist partisanship. However, for the last four years, right up to today, it is the Democrats who feel they know what is best for the American people and don’t need to hear from anyone else.

These are the same lawmakers today (Democrat controlled) who have promulgated this economic situation that we are in now. It is not the Republicans who are interested in blocking the success of this President but actually the Democrats who want it “all” their way. An example is taken from today’s paper, “House Democrats appeared eager to scuttle the deal as lawmakers vented about deep reduction in social programs. At one point, Democrats in a hastily called meeting chanted ‘We want more.’ So, it is obvious by their own words and actions that it is the Democrats who are the real “short-sighted wrecking crew.”

Americans want fiscal responsibility from business, Wall Street and banks, so why would you think we would want less from our government?

These spend-easy lawmakers are strapping an enormous debt on the backs of our children and their children so they can “take credit” for supposedly solving the economic crisis.

Look past the smoke and mirrors of this temporary fix and realize that we need to hold government, business and individual Americans fiscally responsible.

Dennis Sheeran


Dolphin Dance

Yep, the camel’s nose is in

Regarding pole dancing in Poulsbo, I agree with Muriel Williams’ comment that the camel’s nose is under the tent. More people are finally realizing the importance of exercise and this women’s gym has found a way to add fun to getting in shape. Ms. Williams suggests there may be more of this coming, and that seems to me to be a good thing.

Fred Saas


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