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‘Tricked’ by libertarian propaganda

July 13, 2013 · Updated 1:00 PM

The libertarian ideal plays to our cherished belief in individualism and self determination. But it sidesteps the fact that our government is the only protection we have from the power-hungry billionaires who want to replace our democracy with a feudalistic society they own and control. Our government also sustains the institutions and infrastructure that are the foundation of democracy.

Our government is clearly flawed, but we have more to fear from those pushing the libertarian ideal than we do from our own government. Foundations and “think tanks” funded by billionaire dictator wannabes churn out misleading “libertarian” propaganda to inflame grassroots bias and distrust of government. But their stealth agenda has little to do with promoting individual liberty and freedom. It’s really about weakening government so these overlords can fill the power vacuum. Their libertarian “ideal” is to escape corporate accountability for their misuse and abuse of workers, consumers and the environment. Unregulated freedom to pollute and plunder with impunity comes cleverly cloaked in libertarian rhetoric.

Their surplus wealth is used to hire clever propagandists and media shills. They know attitudes are shaped by perception instead of facts. Their time-proven formula is to inflame passions by playing on fears and bias. Anger and distrust is then turned against the very institutions that form the bulwark of our democracy.

Once these feudal barons get their way, individual rights and freedoms will be the first casualty.  People will realize too late that they’ve been tricked into giving away their liberty by deceptive “libertarian” propaganda.

Gene Bullock



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