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Celebs who spout incorrect information

July 6, 2013 · Updated 3:43 PM

Sharon Stone lectured an Israeli audience, stating, “Get out of your comfort zone.”

Daily terrorist missiles, attacks and stoning is living in a “comfort zone”? Terrorism in Israel affects all Israelis, including Muslims, Christians and immigrants from African and Asian countries.

Celebrities’ statements influence the public. They need to know facts and use their words wisely.

In 1973, Yasser Arafat ordered Black September, the kidnapping and execution of two American diplomats, followed by countless terrorist attacks. Past presidents refused to negotiate with terrorists. President Obama gives the PLO, aka Palestinian Authority, and the Muslim Brotherhood credence and respectability.

Please consider some facts.

It is incorrect to believe that Jews, after suffering exile by the Romans in 70 A.D, suddenly returned 1,800 years later to demand Palestine. Jesus, the Prophet, was a Jew living in the land of Jews governed by the Romans who nailed him to the cross. Jewish people have always maintained close ties to their historic homeland for more than 3,700 years. Their claim is based on a minimum of four premises: 
1. God promised the land to Abraham.
2. Jewish people settled and developed the land.
3. The international community granted political sovereignty to the Jewish people.
4. The territory was captured in defensive wars.

In 1000 BC, the Twelve Tribes of Israel formed the first constitutional monarchy. The term “Palestine” was derived from the Philistines in 70 AD. Romans applied it to Judea (West Bank) attempting to cut Jewish identification with Israel.

After two World Wars, Arab population increased 120 percent by 1947. They wanted the higher standard of living. In 1948, Israel was recognized by the UN. Arabs had a choice: Israeli citizenship or leave. Wise men stayed.

Will there ever be peace? When the Arab countries stop terrorism in Israel and all over the world, I believe it’s possible. Unfortunately, they are still determined not to recognize Israel’s right to exist and they remain determined to drive Israel into the sea.

To Sharon Stone, be grateful that no one is shooting missiles or stoning your children in your “comfort zone.”

Marsha Roth

— Marsha Roth writes stories and screenplays about the Holocaust Genocide.


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