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Duggal is innocent until proven guilty

May 25, 2013 · Updated 10:14 AM

Regarding Dr. Duggal:

So which is it? Did Dr. Duggal insufficiently examine patients, or did he sexually abuse them during exams?

Statistically speaking, I’m young and could have been a candidate for his so-called abuse. I had to be referred with a long history of pain and no other surgical options before I was even considered for pain management. Has anyone looked in to the possibility of a get-rich scheme? Just because some don’t agree with his methods or manners does not mean he is a criminal.

This is America, where we are innocent until proven guilty — burden of proof is on the state. However, he is paying for sins he may not be guilty of, and his patients are being judged and treated badly as well by those who don’t agree with his methods. They don’t need to agree with his methods — they simply do not need to see him as patients, although some of us would like to choose that for ourselves.

As I hear it, it was a rare emergency four-person vote of the state board that chose to suspend his practice for the “safety” of the community.

Now I need help, as do many others with daily pain management, and there is no backup plan in place to provide a stable transition.

Jennifer Ild-Orr


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