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2,000 is still greater than 33

May 4, 2013 · Updated 11:18 AM

Last week, we saw two stark reactions to the rise of the alternative media.

Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi admitted that we were right all along, apologizing to us “conspiracy theorists” (“Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever,” April 25 Rolling Stone).

Contrast that with Rachel Maddow’s rant against Alex Jones, flailing against her status of hopeless irrelevance, and we see the arrogant detachment of the power elite, implying that Alex might somehow intend to profit from his website, whereas GE-owned MSNBC simply provides a benevolent public service, with no profit motive or agenda.

Maddow champions the thoroughly absurd Hearst-owned Popular Mechanics book about 9/11 truthers, in which only 33 actual architects (with dual roles as media consultants) were employed in this hit piece. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has almost 2,000 signed on. According to Maddow, science is not a process but an event, and Popular Mechanics closed that case for good.

Everyone should regard this attitude with complete dismay, hearkening to Orwell’s admonishment, “Freedom is the freedom to say ‘2 plus 2 equals 4’” — even on the Maddow show. Science and math are not subject to the arbitrary caprice of MSNBC authorities, spoon-fed to us livestock.

The authoritative MSNBC-sponsored narrative simply cannot withstand scrutiny, nor warrant any further action in this phony “war on terror.” We trust the ongoing process of science, coupled with the mathematical certainty that 2,000 is greater than Popular Mechanic’s 33, regardless of such whimsical, stark-raving Maddows.

Pete Lindall


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