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Let’s stand together for our schools and students

April 20, 2013 · Updated 4:07 PM

I’m writing today to ask for a stop to the pressure to not attend Pearson Elementary School that is being put on the families due to the boundary changes.

I’m so saddened by the stories some of my friends are telling me of how much pressure they are getting and negative talk they are hearing regarding Pearson. I’m asking that we please stop this, today!

A good friend of mine served on the original school closure committee and, at the beginning of the process, she commented “this (closing a school) is the sort of thing that tears communities apart.” At the time, I agreed with her. But now that a school has been chosen to close, I don’t agree with this statement any longer. Instead, I feel it is quite the opposite.

I’m seeing it at Pearson, and hearing about it at other schools: We are embracing each other and the changes, inviting the soon-to-be new students into our schools, including them in Family Fun Nights and PTA meetings, and principals are hosting open houses. But comments and pressure about “Don’t go to THAT school” aimed at Pearson — that is the sort of thing that tears communities apart.

I’m a proud Pearson parent. My son is in third grade and has been there since kindergarten. I’ll be turning my younger son’s application for kindergarten in later this week. We love Pearson. While we might not have all the clubs or special programs, and we might be the oldest and smallest school, Pearson offers the same things the other schools offer — a sound education in a safe environment.

My son has thrived at Pearson. He is comfortable, confident and he is learning. To me, that is what is most important. His teachers are caring, nurturing, and passionate about learning and teaching. He is held to the same standards as the rest of the district, he even eats the same lunches.

North Kitsap is a small community; we go to church together, shop at the same stores, play at the same parks, we even watch the same fireworks on the 3rd of July. Someday, the kids from Vinland and Poulsbo and Pearson Elementary Schools will be in the same classrooms when they get into middle and high school.

I understand that you have school spirit and that you love your school. And I’m happy for you that you feel your school is a good fit for you. But just because your school is great for you, doesn’t mean that Pearson is a bad school. We, at Pearson, have school PRIDE too (all caps intentional).

Let’s band together to support each other and get through these changes the best we can without tearing each other apart.

See you in middle school.

Amy Munns


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