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Don’t disarm in the face of tyranny

January 5, 2013 · Updated 10:22 AM

The Diane Feinsteins and her ilk, or the Lee Metcalfs and Earle Wileys (whose antigun letters you recently printed), immediately jumped on the Progressive agenda to accuse all owners of military style weapons to be culpable for the Connecticut school shooting tragedy.

So obvious, so predictable.

We can’t even blame the mentally ill for this. It was reported that Mr. Lanza, the killer, was autistic. Certainly he was on medication. Ostensibly, he played video games. More importantly, the side effects from psychotropic medication — as mentioned in pharmaceutical ads on American television and in written media — always seems to include “suicidal thoughts.” Not homicidal? Just suicidal? Has the FDA fallen down on that symptom for enough money?

Moreover, Hollywood movies constantly depict “conflict resolution” neatly. Usually, with a 9mm pistol. James Bond, Dirty Harry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DeCaprio and so many others are paid millions to shoot and kill their adversaries on the big screen. What example do these characters provide to someone who is impressionable? Someone like a young, bullied and marginalized teenage boy? Or perhaps a man grappling with reality and reeling from the effects of a psychotropic medication?

The Second Amendment was not calculated by the framers of the Constitution to suffice for hunting and sport shooting. It was considered and included in the Bill of Rights to afford the citizenry to keep the government from tyranny and despotism. History is rife with examples of entire populations who were disarmed and then became victims of genocide by despotic governments and dictators. Some 57 million people were murdered by governments during the 19th and 20th centuries after their despotic governments disarmed them. Historical genocide is noted at this site: www.saveourguns.com/LethalLaws.htm

“Molon labe!” (“Come and take them!”) is the shout of many Americans today who realize the importance of defending their Second Amendment freedom from the Progressive reactionaries in our government. This phrase is becoming a modern-day Second Amendment cry of resolve never to disarm in the face of tyranny.

Barry Clemons


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