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Good teachers are society’s backbone

December 22, 2012 · Updated 1:37 PM

I am bone tired of politicians and pundits bemoaning the failures of our schools and our political system, especially those who see all change as threats to our Constitution.

Our forefathers knew our Constitution, written by imperfect human beings for imperfect human beings, is not perfect. That is why they were wise enough to make provisions for interpreting and amending it within the system of checks and balances they established between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of our government.

Critics of progressive policies need to honestly admit they do not trust our democratic Republic, which constantly seeks the proper balance between personal freedom and social justice. Economic justice is a huge part of social justice. The work of a teacher is to develop minds. Most doctors are highly trained mechanics of our bodies. Why then is the work doctors do worth more than the work of a teacher?  Perhaps it’s because most often ignorance is bliss and seldom physically fatal.

Too many critics maliciously characterize taxpayer-funded teachers as “takers, not makers,” as greedy pigs feeding at the public trough. However, good     teachers are the backbone of a healthy body politic.  Did Nature bless teachers not only with an education but with the mutant gene of need rather than the normal gene of greed? Unbalanced critics need to get a grip!

Tom Driscoll


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