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Some ideas for more public art in Poulsbo

December 1, 2012 · Updated 1:31 PM

My comments are related to the recent erection of the horned, caped, sword-wielding statue of a male Viking in Poulsbo at Viking Avenue and Lindvig Way.

If the city of Poulsbo and some of its citizens are going to get into the erection of public art statues, then I have a couple of suggestions for some other statues that would give the driving public a view of other significant forces in the city of Poulsbo.

First, how about a statue of General George Washington, on horseback, leading his troops against the tyrannical British forces that were taxing the founding American colonists to the hilt? Gen. Washington prevailed against the British, thus giving birth to these United States of America, in the 1776 American Revolution. It was these United States of America that recently gave the City of Poulsbo $775,000 to repair a roadway to Old Town Poulsbo that was washing into Liberty Bay.

And how about a nice wood-carved statue of the Native American-themed Kitsap County logo at a busy roadway entrance to Poulsbo? After all, it’s Kitsap County and its contributions to Poulsbo’s beloved Marine Science Center that are partially responsible for keeping the Marine Science Center open. Then there is additional money from the State of (General George) Washington given to the City of Poulsbo for the Marine Science Center, to keep its doors open.

Then there is money from the Suquamish Tribe that funds the fireworks for the City of Poulsbo and the 3rd of July Independence Day celebration.

An entrance to Poulsbo from the busy Bond Road corridor or, say, Highway 305 from the direction of Old Town Poulsbo are sites that come to mind for additional statues to inform the driving public of just what keeps the City of Poulsbo afloat these days. Public art gives any community flavor, whether privately or publicly funded.

Having these additional statues erected would give Poulsbo public art statues a balanced flavor that accurately represents past and present driving forces in the city of Poulsbo.

John Eastman


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