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Stephens thanks voters for their support

November 17, 2012 · Updated 2:35 PM

I want to thank the 22,000 people who voted for me for representative from the 23rd Legislative District. I am humbled there are so many who would choose me for such a responsibility.

I believe individual freedom has been the path to prosperity and happiness. I believe government control is the path to dependency, poverty and despair. The former has been a boon to humanity, and the latter its bane.

Government is nothing more than the people we hire to do stuff for us. I have the right to defend my property and myself, or hire someone to do that for me. I have the right to enter into mutually voluntary contracts with others. We can hire others to do the things we have a right to do. This manifests itself in a defensive force, a police force, courts, and an administration to pay them. Somewhere along the line, the administrators decided they have the right to use force in ways we were never entitled. In so doing, they have decreased our liberty, our prosperity and our happiness.

They force behavior as they choose, force business decisions as they see fit, force usage of land they do not own, and require money for charities of their choosing. If you or I did these things, we would be jailed. How, then, may we hire others to do these things in our stead?

Our founders fought wars to gather and keep liberty, yet they were more free than we could possibly imagine. I look forward to that bright day when we realize the freedoms we gave up were too precious to surrender, and the securities we were promised never materialized. I will keep working toward that day.

I thank those who support the cause of individual freedom.

Tony Stephens


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