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There are bigger issues than Olsen

November 3, 2012 · Updated 2:48 PM

Is your paper using its clout to disadvantage Mr. James Olsen in the same type of way he is accused of?

This is the second time your paper has been used to make Olsen look bad (“Olsen defies state on logo use,” page A1, Oct. 26 Herald), therefore helping spin his opponent in a good light. Does anyone know for a fact that either one will do a better job than the other? We do know the fact is that none of us are perfect.

Last time, the Bainbridge Island Review reported about the size of his signs. All of your criticisms could be handled without being so blatantly partisan, smelling like a rat. Could your front page be put to better use in helping your readers understand the real problems plaguing this state, country and, indeed, the whole world?

Problems are growing at an alarming rate because many of us would rather argue over the small stuff instead of working to help prevent poverty, homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction, suicide and human trafficking (human slavery). Shame on us for not being accountable to do something about these sad, horrific symptoms of society.

Does it make you angry and sick when children here and all around our world are ravaged, beaten and raped just because they are vulnerable? Evil sees a chance to make billions of dollars off people while ruining their childhood, their lives, their freedom and, seeing it as a business, throws our children away. Come on, it’s not just poor parenting skills; it’s abuse at home, because we are selfish people. How can we say that these children are our future when they inherit our uncaring attitudes and our disrespect for human life?

There are many organizations out there that are serious about helping us learn where to best use our gifts and talents to do our part to make our society a better place, but these organizations lack funds and people to help.

Jackie Thayer


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