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Doesn’t support Referendum 74

November 3, 2012 · Updated 2:47 PM

My wife and I have been married for more than 65 years. We believe that the sanctity of our marriage is under attack. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Attempts to destroy this factual definition are insulting.

Should homosexuals wish a union, they should enter into a lawful contract stating the definition and limits of their union.

Efforts to destroy the definition of marriage as between a woman and a man should be thwarted.

Please vote no on R-74.

Earle and Jessie Willey

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What really matters in this election? Is it the relentless discussion of the ecomomy and jobs? Most politicians seem fixated on the subject. But to paraphrase Rick Santorum, “if we get our moral house in order, the economy will take care of itself.” I believe he’s right.

With that said, even making the statement about morality in this day and age seems almost antiquated, interfering with our personal lives. But before we dismiss moral law and its consequences, shouldn’t we think twice about the taking of innocent life in the womb, and altering the definition of marriage? Is there no “authority” except decreed by popular opinion or a court? Hopefully so.

How much we should share of our personal resources through tax policy is a valid discussion to have, but how we vote for these so called “rights” could change our very identity. Changing definitions of marriage and taking away life of our most vulnerable members are the real traumas to our society.

Tim Rovik


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