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Don’t make pot a ‘forbidden fruit’

November 3, 2012 · Updated 2:44 PM

Re: “I-502 creates new set of issues,” page A1, Oct. 26 Herald:

If you want as many children as possible to use marijuana, keep it a criminalized substance.

Marijuana use has increased one thousandfold since it was criminalized via the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Testifying before the U.S. Congress in 1937, Commissioner of Narcotics Harry Anslinger testified that the United States had a total of 100,000 marijuana users. Now, the government says that more than 100 million Americans have used marijuana.

People, especially children, want what they are told they cannot have. The lure of the forbidden fruit is very powerful, especially for children.In The Netherlands, marijuana has been quasi-legal for several decades yet the Dutch use marijuana at less than half the rate Americans do. Why? The lack of the lure of the forbidden fruit.

Kirk Muse
Mesa, Ariz.


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