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Supports Romney, for change

When I ask the most basic question of Barack Obama’s supporters — Why does he deserve reelection? — invariably it goes unanswered. Having nearly four years’ record to judge, even more specific questions go unanswered.

Has he kept any of his main campaign promises? Has he cut the deficit in half? Has he been a bipartisan president? Has his administration been transparent?

After massive spending, has he improved the jobs situation? Where is the recovery he touted so loudly 18 months ago? Oh, and how are our kids going to pay for all of this?

Why is his narrowly focused green energy policy in shambles? Why hasn’t the jobs-rich, energy-rich Keystone pipeline been approved? Why does he get to choose what laws of the land he will faithfully prosecute? Has he been president of all Americans or are you being left out if you’re not a union member or minority or a Hollywood elite?

In America, is it too much to expect our leaders to lead? Is it to much to ask for competency in a leader? Even when they controlled both the House and the Senate, why couldn’t he and his party do the most important task of producing a budget?

On the foreign affairs front, why does he treat our friends as enemies and vice versa? Is his “leading from behind” approach and world apology tour really what we expect from our leader? Why can’t the American people get a straight answer on what happened on 9/11 in Benghazi?

Finally, aren’t you weary of this White House, with its “all politics, all the time” approach? Once again, why does Barack Obama deserve another four years? Isn’t it time for a real leader? I’m just askin’.

Jim Stark

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Barack Obama has a four-year track record we can use to weigh his promises against the results of promises he made to us four years ago. Based on the past four years, I don’t believe Obama’s promises even though I voted for him in 2008.

Mitt Romney has a track record as a businessman and a governor, but he has not been in a position to directly affect my life, so my real knowledge of him is not deep enough for me to trust him unequivocally.

There are obvious differences in Obama’s and Romney’s plans for the future of our country, but no difference so clearly defines them as does their positions on illegal immigration.

Obama patronizingly refers to “a country of immigrants” when addressing illegal immigration and his policies of; refusing to implement mandatory national E-Verify to determine which employers are illegally hiring illegal aliens, refusing to adequately protect our southern border and not deporting illegals unless they have committed a felony.

Romney differentiates between legal and illegal immigration when addressing the founding and building of this country. Romney is not relying on the votes of Americans who advocate for illegal immigration, as evidenced by his statement in the most recent presidential debate in which he said he will implement mandatory national E-Verify, do everything possible to encourage the self-deportation of illegal aliens and never grant another amnesty to illegals.

There are 12-20 million illegals currently in the U.S., most of whom are illegally holding American jobs. There are officially 12.1 million unemployed Americans. Counting employees who have had to settle for part time work or who have given up looking for work, the real unemployment number is twice the official number.

Obama is the quintessential politician, refusing to enforce our current immigration laws for fear of alienating the Hispanic voting bloc.

Romney refuses to compromise his principles and abandon American workers in favor of a supposedly better chance at winning an election. Finally — hope and change we can believe in.

Tom Wenning


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