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Be part of the extraction team

October 6, 2012 · Updated 12:52 PM

Dear friends and neighbors: I have some good news and some bad news.

With your kind permission, we’ll do the bad news first. OK? Soon, there will be 16,000 new eager beaver IRS agents stalking the countryside, ferreting out citizens who are failing or refusing to pay their fair share of the Obamacare Tax. Obamacare — that 2,000-plus page enchilada that a whole new bureaucracy can gorge itself on at the taxpayers’ expense.  Barf!

Enough. Now for the good news. On Nov. 6, or whenever you cast your ballot, we together can surgically extract that malignant Obamacare tumor from our gut with one deft stroke of the scalpel. (Or No. 2 pencil, if you prefer). When you vote for Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan, you’ll be a part of the surgical team. And at nightfall, as you pull the covers up under your chin, just before the sandman comes, you’ll feel good.  You have done your job.

In the distance can be heard the chirping of crickets.

Epilogue: Romney-Ryan and the Republicans have a simple and comprehensive medical plan for all of us. With the Obama and Reid gone, the plan, with our help, can become law. The Republicans will not leave us to hang out to dry.

Kent LordPoulsbo

Obama’s comments taken out of contextMaybe Mr. Herbert Armstrong (“Not voting for President Obama,” page A5, Sept. 21 Herald) would be more believable if he did not quote Mr. Obama out of the context in which his comment was made, thus giving the exact opposite meaning to what the president really said.

Elizabeth Russell


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