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Re-appoint Bockus to Port Commission

April 6, 2012 · 2:33 PM

I thank Mr. Bockus for resigning. Now, the port commissioners can appoint a commissioner, correctly. And, I hope they appoint Arnold Bockus.

Go back to before 2006. The Port did not have a six-year plan and the state was pressuring the Port to get one done, or be in hot water. Port Commissioner Gilbert then called for citizen volunteers, as a committee, to draw up a six-year plan. Of the seven volunteers, Mr. Bockus and I were seated thereon.

At first, Mr. Gilbert had an agenda — a good one, mind you, because of the pressure by the state to ensure specific items were addressed. Soon, the volunteer committee expanded on Mr. Gilbert’s specifics. Finally, a solid Port of Poulsbo six-year plan was presented to and approved by the state. You could say Mr. Gilbert saved the day for the Port of Poulsbo.

At the end of 2004, Commissioner Mike Winters resigned his position to move to Florida. Now, the Port was shy one commissioner. It needed an individual who knew the six-year plan and could/would spearhead the plan objectives, immediately. Remember: if you have a plan, you’ve got to do it or lose favor with the state. There were nine candidates for Commissioner Winters’s position. Forget that Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Bockus are both retired police officers, but focus that the commissioners needed a management team, with one member who would be an internal auditor tracking and accomplishing the objectives of the 2006-12 six-year plan.

Following the state procedures for appointing a successor commissioner, Mr. Bockus was selected in February 2005. You see where I’m going? He (Mr. Bockus) sat on the committee that drew the plan, he fit into the management profile, he had the qualifications, and he would make a perfect internal auditor to get things done by 2012.

I am so thankful that Messrs. Gilbert and Bockus brought us this far, but the Port needs commission volunteers and grant writers for the next six-year plan. Mr. Bockus knows how to do-up a plan, he knows the 2006-12 plan objectives, he knows what was done, he knows what strategy, goals and objectives need to be expanded/retracted, he knows revenue sources and resources, besides having been commissioner. And, I think he’d do it again.

Would I recommend Mr. Bockus for port commissioner? Yes.

Herb Kai



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