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Reader Sound-Off showed bias

Though the “county’s balanced budget” article was not headed Editor’s Opinion in a recent Herald issue, it occupied the generous space usually containing editorial comment.

It was misleading.

The reader expected a well-researched unbiased opinion of budget realities at the county level.

Not until page 5 was the submitter’s source mentioned — the Kitsap County Republican party chair. That entailed re-reading and questioning the article for bias and accuracy.

To provide that prominent coverage in a space generally containing researched editorial opinion demonstrates bias on the part of the newspaper. Not the even-handed stewardship expected of the North Kitsap Herald.

Rayola Rohay


Reader feedback

Torrens talk made sense

Val Torrens, Torrens Talk of Oct. 4 is the first time I have seen a non-spun article by this journalist.

I concur with the ideas expressed that the bailout is not good for the taxpayers but at this point in the problem is our only choice to minimize the impact on Main Street. “ ... tough in demanding regulation and punishment of Wall Street” is an accuracy needed however not the next step of federalization.

It would be like the federalization of the medical: the bureaucracy would add burden to the taxpayer and the confusion in implementation would allow individuals to slip between the system cracks and die. I.E. when Medicare implemented the new and improved drug program several deaths and many problems occurred because the system is a bureaucratic obesity.

Yes, everyone should have an affordable medical insurance on all economic levels. I understand the need for rules/regulations with oversight; however escalating the bureaucracy is not a solution to the problem. We have in place committees to conduct oversight of the Treasury Department issues, let them handle this after our legislators create the base rules.

Yes, Americans are tough and will survive this. Not overreacting to the problem is also part of the solution.

Allowing the political pendulum to swing too far left will create a socialist government and I, for one, like our democratic republic.

Let’s choose for our president a centrist that works for both parties’, not just his party’s ideals.

Every America’s choice of president needs to be heard at this time.

Choose well and vote.

Ron Savage


Response to a letter from LN Salsbury

LN, you have swallowed a lie about our state deficit. It’s further proof that, regardless of the facts, if it’s repeated often enough people will believe it.

First of all, the state of Washington does not have a deficit. We have $500 million in the bank plus a $750 million rainy day fund. Second, the so-called deficit is based on a projected shortfall in revenues coupled with projected increases in spending.

Fact: The state of Washington is required by law to balance its budget. Therefore, future shortfalls in revenue must, by law, be offset by budget cuts.

Treating a projected shortfall in revenues as if it is a proven deficit is a distortion as designed to confuse and mislead voters. People need to see electioneering slogans and distortions for what they are.

Unfortunately, candidates who provide thoughtful answers and solutions are at a disadvantage. People only seem to remember quotable one-liners with little or no substance. Aren’t you sick of it?

Gene Bullock


City Hall

The big dig is on

Economy could leave city hall idling (Herald Oct. 18).

Now that the misguided voters for a downtown city hall have succeeded in bringing us “the big dig,” is there anything else they would like to vote on for the good of the order?

Muriel Williams


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