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School’s out for summer, so pay attention on roads | In Our Opinion

June 21, 2013 · Updated 3:41 PM

With the 2012-13 school year now at an end, students are no doubt enjoying that sweet taste of freedom — freedom from having to wake up early, freedom from late-night study sessions and cramming for that exam. (Of course, summer break for some also means a part-time job, for example, and possibly less free time than during the school year.)

But no matter what students or graduates of the North Kitsap School District are doing to fill their time during the summer, one thing is certain: there are more people on our roads. So be careful.

For you drivers, remember that there could be, and most likely are, less experienced drivers out on the road. No longer are students’ cars parked neatly in their respective parking lots from morning to mid-afternoon.

And don’t forget about the youngsters — students who do not drive. Be cautious at crosswalks and intersections. When John or Jane Doe Middle-Schooler is crossing the street on his or her skateboard — while simultaneously talking to a friend on the phone, listening to music, and updating Facebook while Snapchatting — just remember oncoming traffic may not be on their mind.

But the responsibility isn’t all on those people who have long had their public education in the bag.

Students and 2013 graduates: please don’t be reckless. You may feel invincible now that you are out of school — and you may very well be. However, the Herald would prefer to not have to report on summer-related injuries or other news that would be upsetting to parents reading the paper. Local firefighters and police probably feel the same way.

Students and graduates, remember that a phone call or text message can wait until you’re done driving (it’s illegal to text or talk on your cell while driving, by the way). And if you feel the need to Instagram every moment of your day, while Tweeting about how great the north end of Kitsap is in the summer, and updating your blog, please do so in a safe spot.

Now that the lecture is over, two quick things.

Congratulations to the 2013 graduates of Kingston and North Kitsap high schools (and West Sound Academy). The graduation ceremonies were wonderful events — thank you for keeping the ceremonies PG. You’ve earned that diploma you now hold in your hands. Put it to good use.

Second, it’s June 21, the official start of summer. So, happy summer. Keep it safe.


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